Type F

Manufacturer: IAP

IAP's type F forward curve high air volume fan is most commonly used in elevated temperature applications requiring circulation of large volumes of air at low pressures. Excellent low speed fan choice for application as an air kit or plug fan in ovens, dryers and furnaces.

Frequently constructed in stainless steel and nickel alloys for operation at elevated temperatures. type F fans. are also well suited to general industrial ventilation at lower temperatures. When supplied in a standard centrifugal fan configuration, type F rans. uI11ize the same continuously welded heavy gauge housings and steel plate pedestals as the Backward Inclined and airro1I fans Most common AMCA arrangements are 3 DWDI for general ventilation or air kits and 9 SWSI for plug applications. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced prior to assembly and all assembled units are final trim balanced at operating speed.

Type F wheel characteristics include even airflow distribution, relatively slow fan speeds and low noise levels. While an excellent large volume mover, type F fans should no! be used in applications where materials can build up in the valley/curve of the blade and cause imbalance.

Wheels utilize formed forward curved high strength blades. Moves large volumes of air
at low speeds and low sound levels. Excellent elevated temperature capacity. Standard
catalog sizes from 122 (12.25" Dia.) to 730 (73" Dia.) with custom sizes available.


MAXIMUM FLOW1,000-250,000 SWSI, 1,200 400,000 DWDI