Type HP

Manufacturer: IAP

IAP's type HP is a heavy duty high pressure centrifugal fan specifically designed to handle low to moderate air volumes in industrial process systems with high resistance (static pressure). Capable of handling fly ash, cement dust and dry fibrous materials. Wheel blade profile provides maximum high pressure efficiencies while allowing stable performance from shut off to wide open volume.

HP fans have continuously welded heavy gauge and plate housings easily accommodated to ANSI inlet flange patterns as required, with plate steel pedestals and structural steel bases. Optional split housing design and all AMCA arrangements available to suit the end user's needs. Built In housing evase enhances stable pressure capability HP fans are available in single width, single inlet (SWSI) housing designs.

Type HP centrifugal fans are suited for high pressure process systems, corrosive applications and particulate loading applications making them a solid match for a wide range of industrial applications which include: POLLUTION CONTROL, COMBUSTION AIR, DRYING SYSTEMS, FLUID BED AERATION, THERMAL OXIDATION, GLASS MANUFACTURING AND MATERIAL CONVEYING.

HP Fans provide efficient air movement of clean and particulate laden high pressure airstreams.
Specifically designed for heavy duty industrial applications in both direct and belt drive.

HP wheels utilize slightly inclined radial heavy gauge self cleaning blades. Wheel design produces high static pressures at typical industrial process flow rates. Well suited for wear liners and easily constructed of special alloys. Static efficiencies in excess of 75%. Catalog Static Pressures to 80 in. wg. with custom designs up to 100 in. wg.