Type HPB

Manufacturer: IAP

IAP's type HPB offers an array of fan sizes and wheel combinations to meet diverse industrial applications from combustion air to fume exhaust. The HPB is specifically designed to handle low to moderate air volumes at moderate to high static pressures.

Stable performance from shut off to wide open volume eliminates surging. Type HPB pressure blowers are suited for high pressure industrial process applications. All applications can be handled in
induced or forced draft configurations. A wide range of available modifications and accessories make the HPB suitable for industrial systems which include: COMBUSTION AIR, FURNACE BLOWERS, AIR KNIVES, MOISTURE BLOW OFF, COOLING SYSTEMS, GLASS MANUFACTURING, AND FUME EXHAUST.

HPB pressure blowers have 8 standard housing sizes and 15 different wheel sizes available to
match the end users required performance. High strength aluminum alloy wheels provide AMCA'B' spark resistance as standard. Heavy gauge continuously welded housings are rigidly braced to prevent'flexing' at high pressures. All wheels are statically and dynamically balanced prior to assembly and all assembled units are final trim balanced at operating speed prior to shipment.

HPB blowers provide efficient air movement of clean air. This is accomplished using combinations of radial blade wheels in aerodynamic housings providing superior efficiency over traditional radial blade fan designs. Blower housings are reversible and rotatable in 45° increments.

Inlet Filter Option: Fiber wafer filter media supported by perforated metal inner & outer bodies. Furnished standard with connection rod & end cap. Also available with a protective weather cover / hood.

MAXIMUM PRESSURE30 in. wg (std) 50 in. wg (turbo)

MAXIMUM FLOW100-1,400 (std) 350-2,200 (turbo)