Type TAX

Manufacturer: IAP

The type TAX is a duct fan designed and constructed for efficient air movement and reliable operation in industrial
ventilation and processes applications. TAX fans have factory adjustable blades to specifically match performance
requirements and optimize efficiency. TAX fans are quiet low speed axial fans designed to handle large volumes of air at low to moderate pressures. Well suited for heavy continuous duty commercial and industrial applications which include: VENTILATION SUPPLY & RETURN AIR, HEAT, FUME & SMOKE EXHAUST, HEATING, VENTILATING, COOLING AND PROCESS DRYING.

TAX fans incorporate continuously welded heavy gauge outer casings with drilled flanges. Motor supports are comprised of rigid formed steel plate with adjustable motor mounting plate for belt tensioning. Rigidly constructed bearing and shaft internal mounting plates provide stable drive train support and reinforce the fan casing body.

A compact, efficient and quiet axial fan for clean air applications that can be configured and accessorized to meet each application's needs.

TAX props have six (6) cast aluminum blades, cast aluminum hub with a taper lock bushing. Factory adjustable pitch
blades allow maximization of efficiency and the ability to meet specific fan speeds for each given performance. Additional props with 8, 12 & 16 blades are also available to further optimize efficiency on custom applications.

TAX fans are available in AMCA arrangements 9 with adjustable motor shelf and arrangement 4 direct drive. Versatile mounting in horizontal, vertical and angular positions with mounting brackets, feet and collars available for each orientation allow for ease of installation.