Vantage® MICRO FLEX (MFX) Reverse Osmosis Systems

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Vantage®MFX Reverse Osmosis (RO) units are pre-engineered and pre-assembled units designed for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. RO membranes typically remove 90-99.9% of suspended and dissolved solids and can remove bacteria and viruses.
• Compact footprint and wall mount option saves valuable floor space
• Quick equipment delivery keeps project moving fast
• Factory testing performed at our ISO9001 certified factory
RO systems are common in nearly all water treatment applications (e.g. boiler water, potable water, food / beverage, pharmaceuticals, microelectronics). RO can normally be considered economically attractive on water chemistries with 250ppm ≤ TDS ≤ 2000ppm. Between 150 -250ppm TDS, local economical considerations and water chemistry will determine whether RO is a viable option. Normally on waters with TDS < 150ppm, ion exchange without RO is feasible if for TDS reduction.

• Low energy TFC membranes to ensure optimum water quality
• Positive displacement, rotary vane high pressure feed pump
• Non Code FRP RO pressure vessels, available in 2.5” or 4” diameter
• Micro-processor based controller provides user-friendly RO control
• PVC/PE tubing low pressure feed, product, and reject piping. Nylon high pressure tubing.
• Powder coated aluminum frame can be floor or wall mounted and optional hinge kit improves wall mount service accessibility.
• Dry contacts are provided for pretreatment equipment and storage tank levels
• All alarm and shut down conditions are indicated on the control panel

Flow Rate, Minimum: gpm0.8

Flow Rate, Maximum: gpm2.2

Number Of PassesOne

Nominal Recovery Rate75%