VT Series

Manufacturer: Clay-Greene

For applications calling for high flow or high head, the VT package series provides an efficient solution. WIth performance limited only by pipeline design, these pump packages deliver guaranteed results in an cost-effective and easy-to-install package. When used to provide water to a single tank or as the primary pumping facility for an entire water system, you can be sure you have invested in a pre-engineered product that is up to the task. With many control and enclosure options, the VT series offers superior quality at a reasonable price.

Pre-cast concrete or Fiberglass walk-in enclosures pre-wired with lighting, outlets and HVAC.
Roof hatches for lifting access.
Multi-plex pumps and motors.
Programmable Variable Frequency Drives provide flexible modes of operation, pump protection and communication points for integration of SCADA and telemetry.
Suction and discharge valves for each pump.
Check valves for each pump.
Air release valves and pressure relief valves.
Stainless steel cased pressure gauges on suction and discharge.
Low suction pressure switch and associated circuitry protect against a loss of suction pressure.
L. listed 508 control panels meet NEMA 4 and NEMA12.
Hand-off-automatic selector switches, run lights, and elapsed time meters for each pump.
Lightning/surge arrestor and phase failure protection.
Complete O&M manuals guide users through troubleshooting, servicing and spare/replacement parts selection.
Optional Integral flow meters (mag and propeller) and Strainer.

Medium heads
High heads
Medium flows
High flows