Wash Drum RoSF9

Manufacturer: Huber Technologies

Efficient and reliable coarse material separation:
 Grit from WWTPs and sewer systems
 Road refuse and oil grit
 Septic sludge
 Industrial applications
 Homogenisation of the material to be processed
 Break-up of big aggolomerates in the material
 Washout of all material < 10 mm  Clean material after coarse material washing  Self-cleaning screen drum  Different screen perforations available  A frequency converter allows for different rotation speeds While wash water is added to pre-wash and homogenise the raw material within the HUBER Wash Drum in RoSF9 version, the perforated plate of the Wash Drum retains all particles > 10 mm, which are dewatered and then discharged into a skip. Since only coarse material > 10 mm is separated, the volume of the resultant residues is vastly reduced.
Virtually the complete mineral material being further treated in the down-stream COANDA Grit Washer. The resultant coarse material can then be further separated into a mineral and organic fraction by means of a coarse material washer.
The Wash Drum is also available as Sludge Acceptance Plant RoFAS version.

 High solids throughput even with problematic material (tresses, grease, stones)
 High hydraulic capacity even with high solids contents
 High yield by coarse material washing
 Defined separation size due to two-dimensional screening
 Feeding from a conveyor, through a launder channel or pressure line
 Completely encased unit
 Insensitive to coarse material
 3 to 100 mm separation size
 Fully automatic cleaning of the perforated plate
 Screened wastewater can be used as wash water
 Short tanker vehicle emtpying times
 Optional simultaneous emptying of several vehicles
 Minimum wear, reduced maintenance
 Compact, space-saving design
 Low energy demand
 Adjustable rotary drum speed
 Manufactured entirely of stainless steel