ZABOCS® Hybrid Biological Odor Control

Manufacturer: Evoqua Water Technologies

Two-stage odor control system for complete odor removal
• Near “plug and play” installation
• Removes odors immediately, no acclimation
• Operator friendly with increased control
• Discrete in residential area
• Durable, corrosion resistant FRP construction
• Low operating costs.
The ZABOCS® Biological Odor Control system is a multi-media system which combines gas absorption, adsorption, and biological treatment to capture and eliminate organic and inorganic odors from wastewater process air streams.
The unique combination of proprietary biological & carbon medias enables the ZABOCS system to treat three times the air volume compared to similar sized conventional biofilter systems, while also being able to start treating odors immediately with zero acclimation time.
Up to 5,000 cfm per vessel for standard systems.

• Factory-assembled
• Two-stage odor control
• Variable speed fan
• Integral nutrient feed system
• FRP construction
• Low profile
• Also available as a single stage, biological-only system.

Treatment Flow Rate, Maximum: cfm5,000

System TypeBiological Hybrid Systems