Watson-Marlow Qdos Monitoring System Provides a Solution for an Automotive Facility


An automotive manufacturing facility was facing recurring failures and resulting downtime on an array of diaphragm pumps used for chemical treatment on water coming from paint booths and dip tanks.


The solution included a higher initial investment so a cost/benefit analysis needed to be presented to
show the ROI would be under 18-months time.


Upon reviewing the application, Watson-Marlow Q-dos peristaltic chemical metering pumps were
recommended. The Q-dos offers superior reliability and comes standard with a ReNu head that offers a
simple, no tools required conversion. The ReNu head replaces all wear components at once and
restores pump performance and operation to like-new condition, thus eliminating the need for a full
pump replacement. The process is simple and can be performed with the pump in place in less than 5
minutes. In addition, Q-dos pumps offer highly accurate metering that results in chemical cost savings
for the application.

The pumps have been in operation for 3-5 years with a yearly head replacement cost of a just a quarter
of what the customer was facing with new pumps. Brownlee-Morrow Company stocks the full line of
Q-dos Pumps from the Q-dos 20 to the Q-dos 120. Offering flow rates from 0.001 to 32 gph and
pressures to 100 psi with elastomers available to be compatible with a wide range of chemicals. Give
us a call to discuss how we can improve your chemical metering systems with the Q-dos pump.